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Purim Celebration


Monday March 9th - 6:30pm

We're combining a dairy/vegetarian potluck dinner and Purim celebration into one fun filled evening.

All are welcome to dress in costume. 

Please bring a dairy or vegetarian main dish, appetizer, side dish, or wine to share.  You don't have to cook - you can purchase an item, just make sure it does not contain meat as this is a dairy meal. (No desserts please, we will be providing dessert & soft drinks.)

Please RSVP by Wednesday March 4th (so we know how many seats to set up) 732-251-1119 with what item you will bring and how many of your friends and family will be joining us.

Please contact Robynn Mann at 732.251.1119 with any questions.

It's time for Shaloch Manot - Purim Gift Basket Exchange

Send gift baskets to each other and fulfill a Purim Mitzvah. Each gift basket will consist of those
delicious Purim goodies – hammentashen along with candy and grape juice.
Let this be your special thank you to temple friends, family and your children’s teachers.

Prices & Special Offers

1) Each gift basket costs $10.
2) Esther’s Esteemed Entourage – For $100, you can select up to 12 names and you will be added to
Esther’s Esteemed Entourage – and your name will be added to every single basket that is sent!
3) Reciprocity – We will send a basket to anyone that sends you a basket. You will be billed for this
on your next month’s statement.
4) To generate even more income for Etz Chaim and to avoid the waste of unclaimed baskets, we will
only make an actual basket for the recipients who ask for their basket. When all orders are in, all
people gifted baskets will get an email informing them that ‘family X’ has gifted you a basket,
would you like to receive an actual basket?’ The Purim basket crew will then make actual baskets
based on responses. Exception: All families with children in Hebrew School will get a basket.

Order Purim Baskets Here

Mon, February 24 2020 29 Shevat 5780