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Food Policy

We are a diverse Congregation with members spanning levels of observance. We want to be able to share our bounty with each other at various events. Our food policy reflects this desire to allow members to share their home prepared foods with others, understanding that levels of kosher compliance varies from family to family.

Food provided at events must be kosher style. This means we observe the separation of meat and dairy within a single event and do not allow or provide treif products. We should strive to purchase kosher items when practical.

Outside groups serving food in our building must abide by these rules as well.

Temple groups attending a function outside the building do not have to follow these rules.


1. Meat - packaged or prepared Kosher meats. Deli meats need to be cut on kosher slicer.

2. Dairy - all dairy products are allowed. As most cheeses are available in kosher form, please purchase kosher cheese.

3. Baked goods - all homemade baking is allowed provided ingredients do not include lard. Bakery and packaged cake is allowed, provided lard is not used. Many packaged goods are marked kosher, so finding lard free baked items should not be an issue. At local bakeries, please ask if lard is used. Stop & Shop in Monroe has a kosher dairy bakery. Pareve kosher cakes for meat meals can be purchased at Acme in Milltown and Solomon's Bakery in Manalapan.

4. Pasta sauces, condiments and other packaged goods - pasta sauces should never contain sausage. If a dairy meal is served, meat flavored sauce should not be purchased. Please purchase kosher dressings and condiments. 

5. Candy, gum, and marshmallows - please purchase kosher only as many products contain non-kosher beef or pork gelatin.

Not Allowed:

Pork, Shellfish, Eel, Catfish and Rabbit


We remove chametz and only purchase kosher for Passover items.

Cooked Food

Food prepared at members' homes will follow the rules above. Purchased pizza and chinese will come from kosher restaurants as many restaurants are actively cooking with pork at the same time as our purchases. Catered meals for Shabbat and holiday dinners will be from kosher establishments.









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