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Social Action

The world stands on three things: Torah (Learning), Worship and Acts of Loving Kindness

There are many ways to make a difference, to help other people, to make this world a better place.


    Donate Food and Clothing

You can donate food or clothing at any service or any time the office is open.  We’ll take them to places where they will help the poor and the refugee.  Suggestion: when you shop for groceries, look for sales on the non-perishable food items we donate.  Please do not leave opened or expired food. The food banks cannot accept this so we have to throw these items away. Clothes that are in poor condition should be left in the outside collection bin.

    Donate Blood

Blood donations save lives, and there is no greater mitzvah than saving a life.  We have at least two blood drives a year. The next one is Sunday July 14, 2024. You can make an appointment online here, call 800/RED-CROSS, or contact us at and we'll be glad to make your appointment.  We’re not all eligible to donate blood, but we all can be recruiters.  It’s a mitzvah to encourage someone else to do a mitzvah.

    Donate Money

We can help people all over the world with monetary donations.  We know that HIAS is already helping refugees both inside and outside of Ukraine. The American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee is specifically working to help the sizable Jewish community of Ukraine. USA for UNHCR is also an organization that helps refugees everywhere, and has an emergency effort to help the Ukrainians. The World Union for Progressive Judaism, of which our URJ is a member, has set up a WUPJ Ukraine Crisis Fund.  We encourage you to consider supporting one or more of them at this critical time. 

    Donate Time

RISE (Refugee and Immigrant Services and Empowerment) is a local organization right down the road in Hightstown and around New Jersey.  They are helping to settle and support refugees from Afghanistan, Ukraine, and other countries.  You could spend some time in their food pantry, give a lift to a refugee who needs a ride some place.  Check the RISE website to see many ways you can volunteer and help out.


Appropriate legislation is the solution we need to some very pressing problems:  preventing gun violence; and maintaining women's access to health care.  Check the websites of Cory Booker and Bob Menendez to see how to communicate with them.  You can also call 833/363-4789 to find out how to contact any member of Congress.


Pass on this information to friends and family.  We’re not all eligible to donate blood, but we all can be recruiters.  It’s a mitzvah to encourage or enable someone else to do a mitzvah.


Check the websites of organizations such as our Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism to see what they are working on and how you might help.

Join Us

Our Social Action Committee meets in person and online via Zoom on the third Tuesday each month at 1:00pm.  Please send an email to to request the link.

Fri, June 21 2024 15 Sivan 5784