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Cornerstone Fund

A Message from Rabbi Levy

In ancient days, our ancestors paid membership dues to the Temple in Jerusalem, Judaism’s focal point. However, dues alone did not ensure the continuity of the Temple and its holy function. Rather, the Torah invites the congregation to bring “Terumah,” that which is lifted up in holiness; freewill offerings of the heart. Congregation Etz Chaim shines as the focal point for Judaism in southern Middlesex County, the only full-service synagogue in Monroe Township. Like the Temple in ancient days, we require the Mitzvah of freewill offerings of the heart to maintain our holy function.

Our Board has managed our financial affairs wisely and the funds built through the generosity of our members have in the past sustained us. But without enhanced revenue our reserve may soon be depleted. We have never needed you more. Your generosity will make a big difference, now and for our future. When we complete a Book of the Torah we declare: Chazak, Chazak V’nitchazeik! Let us be strong, be strong, and strengthen one another! May all of us in the Etz Chaim family of families know the support of one another; that’s what it means to be part of a Jewish community. Rabbi Ben Levy

What is the Cornerstone Fund?

It is a fund established to ensure the continuity of our synagogue for the next 30 years.

Why should I donate to the fund?

Donating to Congregation Etz Chaim is a mitzvah but more importantly, because you want your synagogue family to thrive in the coming years.

How will the funds be managed?

The funds will be managed by a steering committee with spending approved by the Board of Trustees. Up to 35% of each year’s income will be applied to current operational expenses to maintain services, 30% will be applied to large projects, such as building improvements or ritually related projects; the final 35% will be invested in order to create future income. All donations will be invested in a fiduciary manner with an eye to maintaining principal.

How will donors be recognized?

Donors will be recognized at special Shabbat celebrations and other events.

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