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How often in your lifetime have you had the opportunity to come close to greatness; to know people who are so very special that their legacy continues to inspire even when they are no longer physically present? Isabel Buyer was such a person. Her giving and caring nature and her response to perceived need made the world she inhabited - and especially her Jewish world - a better place for all. The years of her partnership with this congregation were indeed fruitful ones. Isabel led by example and inspired others to be stronger and more highly motivated than they ever reallized that they could be. Isabel Buyer was a Jewish heroine.

When she died, she left more than memories and tangible reminders of her presence throughout the building which houses Congregation Etz Chaim. Isabel's lasting legacy was to be the Isabel Buyer Memorial Lecture Series. This was initially funded by contributions which were received in her memory and intended to be offered annually.

More than five years have passed since Isabel Buyer physically left us and, because we so loved and respected her ideals and the heroic ways in which she led many others in paths inspired by her own, Howard and Harriet Katz revived the educational program which was conceived of by our Rabbi in consultation with the family of this great lady.

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Sun, July 21 2024 15 Tammuz 5784